The Set Grand Tour

The concept of The Grand Tour originated back in the 17th century, a coming-of-age rite of passage marking a young person’s education, where European youths would visit the great cities of the renaissance, in addition to the remains of ancient Roman and Greek civilisations. Such inspired travel was an opportunity to meet new people, discover artistic masterpieces, plus enjoy music and new cultures. Hospitality group The Set Hotels is recreating these tours with a modern twist, with the vibrant dynamics of London, Paris and Amsterdam in mind.

The Set Grand Tour is available when booking two or more of The Set’s hotels in a single trip, and you can stay for five nights for the price of four, or eight nights for the price of six. Furthermore, The Set team will design a tailored and curated itinerary, depending on how long you’ll be in each of the cities. The Set team’s insider knowledge of the cities will make the trip an unforgettable one where you can roam like the locals.

The Set Hotels