The Ungasan Clifftop Resort


Although The Ungasan Clifftop Resort is renowned island-wide for its world-class location on Bali’s breathtaking peninsula, as well as for housing the region’s ultimate oceanfront destination, Sundays Beach Club, the story behind the design of this ultra-luxurious retreat is less known.

Turning architectural dreams into reality, The Ungasan Clifftop Resort’s seven ocean-view villas were each individually and uniquely designed by their owners, supported by three key Australian architectural firms. Each owner was given a general brief: All villas must consist of five bedrooms with at least a 20-metre pool, entertainment areas and a cinema. Beyond that, the owners were free to build their dream homes. As such, each villa at The Ungasan Clifftop Resort has a distinct personal touch. Tamarama, named after a famous Sydney suburb by the ocean, is completely white and colonial, whilst Santa Sorga (meaning “relax in heaven”) has a Spanish twist. Villa Nora and Villa Pawana, on the other hand, embrace a Balinese feel, whilst Chintamani features five plunge pools coming off of each bedroom, in addition to the 22 metre main pool. Add to this the panoramic ocean views surrounding the resort and its charming expanse of villas and you’ll begin to understand the unmistakeable draw of this iconic destination.