Ultimate Drive Singapore

The thrill of blasting around sections of Singapore’s F1 track or with your foot flat to the floor through the underpass in a high-powered supercar is something that is sure to appeal to the many thrill-seekers amongst us.

But, unless you happen to be Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel, it’s not really possible, right? Well, now thanks to those nice people at Ultimate Drive and their micro-rental packages, your dream can come true and at an amazingly reasonable price too.

The packages start with a 15-minute ride and there are longer packages for weddings, city and island tours and also the very popular group activity, the Supercar Convoy.

With a choice of supercars like the Ferrari California, Lamborghini Gallardo, Lamborghini Huracan, Lamborghini Aventador and the stunning McLaren MP4 you can experience the thrill of the F1 circuit along Bayfront Avenue, Esplanade Drive, City Hall and Raffles Boulevard in the 15-minute drive.

By taking the 30- or 45-minute experience your range is expanded to include the ECP/MCE highway to Changi Airport and back, which includes the sensational and memorable tunnel experience. For those taking an hour or more the route is fully customisable.

Experienced professional drivers are available or you can drive yourself seated alongside a professional instructor. At the end of your drive you can also purchase a recording of your whole trip captured by the on-board dual HD cameras.

The perfect Christmas gift, a fabulous way to celebrate in style or just for the sheer hell of it; check out Ultimate Drive Singapore’s website and book today.

Ultimate Drive

30 Teban Gardens Crescent

Singapore 608927

T: (+65) 91002929