VEA Restaurant


Award-winning VEA Restaurant marries Chinese cuisine with superb French technique. Helmed by Chef Vicky Cheng, who brought years of experience working with Michelin-starred chefs in the United States before moving back to his birthplace of Hong Kong, this city centre venue has only 46 seats.

Inspired by his childhood, his parents, and the vibrant culture of Hong Kong, Vicky pours his heart into the bi-weekly changing degustation menu at VEA. The menu’s strong focus on freshness of produce means that whilst the core of the menu remains the same, individual dishes are amended or changed altogether to accommodate the dynamic seasons. Most renowned for his use of rare Chinese ingredients such as preserved apricot, local sugarcane, sea cucumber and flower crabs, Vicky aims to create a balanced harmony between his Chinese roots, French culinary training, and indeed, breathtaking plating aesthetics with attention to the smallest detail.

For his signature dish, Chef Vicky Cheng sources sea cucumbers from Hokkaido, Japan, and applies a unique roasting technique for an outer crunch whilst the inside is stuffed with a mousseline of local female mud crab purchased daily from the Wan Chai wet market. The garnish changes seasonally, and this season, it is served with sautéed ginger and scallion, with a sauce created from the shell and roe of the crab that is then thickened with a whole egg. The dish is finished with a fine mist of 22-year-old Shaoxing wine.   


  • Roasted sea cucumber
  • Fish maw
  • Abalone pithivier

VEA Restaurant
30F, The Wellington 198 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
T: (+852) 2711 8639