White Rock Beach Club Opens at Melasti Beach

Between the cliffs of Melasti and the pristine coastline of south Bali, White Rock Beach Club has opened its doors to the island’s sunset chasers. With a staggering area of more than 7,500sqm, it can house up to 900 seated patrons, who can enjoy the view with drinks in their hands, serenaded by music all day. Offering carefully curated live music performances, the massive outdoor space can hold any kind of music festival or performance. Extending the excitement and enjoyment of a great venue and world-class entertainment, the club has ten Party Suites built with high-tech audio equipment that connects the live music and DJ performances from the stage to the suite. Private parties to small gatherings, intimate birthday parties to after parties will surely find their best basecamp here.

Guests can choose from the various seating spots, including single beds, double beds, sofa beds, lagoon beds, party beds, the VIP cabanas with private pool, sunset lounge, White Rock bar, lounge bar and pool bar, to choices of dining tables at the restaurants. Everything is centred by the main stage and the bar overlooks the breathtaking ocean. Overall, the whole property can accommodate 3,000 guests, which makes White Rock the perfect answer to big events.  

White Rock Beach Club

Melasti Beach

Bali 31037, Indonesia

T: (+62) 3612015110

E: info@whiterockbali.com


IG: @whiterockbeachclub