Wild Ride with Bruno

This restaurant is one of those places that need no further introduction; it’s already the talk of the town. Formerly known as Hog Wild in Bali, it is famous for its unapologetically decadent barbequed pork ribs. Its location on the narrow but busy street of Batu Belig also helped its rise to popularity; imagine taking a stroll on your way to the beach and getting enticed by the appetising smell of barbequed meat.

Having said that, since the eatery has been revamped with a new, improved concept (and name), another proper introduction to the brand is in order. Behold, Hog Wild with Chef Bruno! With the aim of making the already fun place even homier and more hospitable, the mention of Chef Bruno in the name is expected to create a more familiar and personal vibe to the restaurant.

So who is Chef Bruno? The French chef started early in the culinary scene. By 16 he had finished two years of culinary education, and started with washing dishes. Bruno’s unrivalled aspirations drove him to get out of his comfort zone, and this led to him honing his skills in various kitchens in London, Geneva, Washington DC and all the way to Bermuda. In 1995, he opened his own restaurant in Washington DC called Bistrot Lepic. As a driven person, Bruno made a gutsy move to Bali when he decided to have a more balanced life between the two things he loves most – cooking and his family of wife and twins.

See? You feel like you know him already, and that’s what Hog Wild with Chef Bruno is all about. A place where one can have fun and rowdy times with the gang, or warm and hearty meals with the family – a place where everyone feels welcome and isn’t reluctant to actually communicate with one another and bask in the experience.

With the new name come new things to look forward too. Old-time fans shouldn’t fret though, as the Hog Wild team didn’t exactly change the good things patrons love about them so much as improve them. Where the old gas grillers used to be are now charcoal grillers and a sophisticated charcoal oven imported straight from Spain that burns coffee wood. The result? Tastier, more succulent fall-off-the-bone quality ribs. Chef Bruno has also extended the cooking method to cooking the ribs sous vide for 12 hours before actually grilling them, and this makes all the difference. If long-time clients are looking for the classic ribs, they’re still there; but if anyone is up for trying something new, then they should try those served with Chef Bruno’s magic sauce. A little bird has it that Hog Wild with Chef Bruno is preparing another secret recipe to ramp up the ribs and make them even tastier.

Also worth looking forward to are the fun things guests can do at Hog Wild (spotting as many hog-inspired artworks as you can, or re-enacting Marilyn Monroe’s legendary scene from “The Seven-Year Itch”, anyone?), and Hog Wild with Chef Bruno Go-Go – the upcoming takeaway outlet.


Jalan Batu Belig 41, Kerobokan,

Bali 80361, Indonesia

T: (+62) 361 847 6722

E: oink@letsgohogwild.com