A Love of Traditional Arts

Ayoda Resort Bali is holding its third Batik Festival to celebrate Indonesia’s colourful contribution to the World’s Cultural Heritage from 26th to 28th October. The three-day event is designed to highlight the work of Indonesia’s local artisans and includes a fascinating display of batik from across the country, stylish fashion competitions and shows with a myriad ways to wear batik, thrilling live music performances and theatrical displays, including the iconic kecak dance. This year the theme is Culture Goes Global, which provides participants with a worthy stage on which to showcase their talents, while guests have the opportunity to see how the country’s traditional art forms are growing and developing to suit contemporary styles, also having the opportunity to enjoy watching craftspeople making batik, jewellery, embroidery and weaving. To add to the interest, a range of textile- and fashion-related workshops will be open for participation. Competitions will take place during each day, with a cocktail party and acoustic music session at 5pm leading into the evening’s activities, comprising fashion shows and musical shows by popular local artists such as Gus Teja, Don Biu and Lebrina and friends. Be sure to catch Dwi Iskander’s show of his Dwico line, as well as shows by Afif Syakur, Tjok Abi, Uluwatu and KEKEAN Wastra Gallery.