Art Stage Singapore 2018


The flagship platform of the Asian art scene is back for another round of ART STAGE Singapore 2018 this January. With the aim of representing the interests of Asian art in the global arena, and developing and bridging various segmented art markets in the region, ART STAGE Singapore 2018 is one event any artist, art enthusiast or collector should not miss.

In its previous iterations, ART STAGE Singapore has raised the profile of different regional art scenes in Southeast Asia, such as Singapore itself, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. Furthermore, the fair hosts active promotions and engagements like the highly successful launch of ART STAGE Jakarta 2016 and 2017.

For the eighth edition this year, ART STAGE Singapore will shift its focus to the new and vibrant art scene flourishing in Thailand. With specially tailored programmes, local and international audiences will be treated to a more comprehensive outlook of the general art world.


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