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The Nexus 7 is the newest 7” tablet from Google. The internet search powerhouse’s first entries into the hardware game were somewhat shaky, but they have definitely hit their stride with this latest iteration of the Nexus line, which has earned rave reviews from gadget reviewers. Thinner, lighter, and faster than its predecessors, the Nexus 7 features the world’s sharpest 7” tablet screen with a display pushing over 2.3 million pixels, creating text sharper than you’ll find on the printed page and images more vivid than any magazine. Its impressive battery capacity allows for up to 9 hours of HD video playback and 10 hours of web browsing or e-reading. And of course the Nexus 7 comes with the latest version of Android, codenamed Kitkat, and a zippy processor that allows it to display all of its new bells and whistles without a hitch.


Tablets are great on the go, being portable, lightweight and simply more convenient to carry around than the average laptop. The one thing that the laptops do have over them, however, are their convenience during those times when you actually need to do some work. This is where the Logitech PRO comes in, functioning both as a protective table cover and a Bluetooth keyboard for the Samsung Galaxy NotePRO and the Samsung Galaxy TabPRO. Manufactured by Logitech, one of the best-selling keyboard brands for tablets, its precision engineering and sturdy, state-of-the-art materials allows maximum protective cover for your gadget while minimising bulk. With a long battery life (3 months on a single charge based on an average of 2 hours per day) and dual-view stand for the ideal viewing angle, the Logitech PRO is a much welcome accessory for the Samsung tablets. For more information, visit


To show your favourite couch potato that you really, really love them, you can shell out to get them a next-generation LG Ultra High Definition 4K TV.  This new line of televisions display images with such uncanny clarity that it’s hard to believe you’re not looking through a window into another world. With a picture resolution of 8.3 million pixels, it’s four times greater than the Full HD you are used to. Whether you’re watching sports, movies or playing games, the viewing experience is breathtaking. Unfortunately, the amount of Ultra HD content is still somewhat lacking, especially in terms of network broadcasts. However, LG’s Tru-ULTRA HD Engine upscales regular HD footage through a 4-step data analysis that enhances the details up to near Ultra levels.  The state-of-the-art screen panel provides a 178° wide viewing angle that makes sure every location offers the best seat in the house. The best way to show off the crazy high resolution is with the TV’s Ultra HD Cinema 3D feature, which can also convert 2D content to 3D on the fly.

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