The Verso collection by Italian company Catalano represents an evolution in design and application. Distinctive to the range is its versatile shape and size options catering to both bench and wall mount installation as well as the flexibility to accommodate recessed and in-bench alternatives. With compact sizes and diverse installation alternatives, the Verso range suits any bathroom interior and more importantly, your unique style.

VERSO is a very innovative collection that is comprised of six lines: VERSO, VERSOTrentasette, VERSOVenticinque, VERSO WCs and Bidets, VERSOComfort and VERSODoccia, all marked by a quadrangular matrix. These washbasins can be installed wall-hung or laid on a counter. VERSOTrentasette washbasins can be also installed semi-fitted or fitted under the countertop. A dedicated chrome-brass towel-rail is available. Verso 65 can be installed on wall-hung chrome-brass structures and also on a specific wood bench. This versatility provides endless options for both interior designers and creative homeowners who are looking for something impeccably contemporary, yet functional.

Whatever your interior style may be, VERSO has a product that will make your en-suite feel like personal paradise. The Catalano VERSO collection is now available in Bali at the Galleria showroom. To schedule an appointment, please call +62 21 5720528, +62 31 5461153, +62 361 255037 or stop by at your convenience.


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