Charlie Brown Cafe

This dining destination isn’t only appealing to young children, but it will also strike a nostalgic chord with any adult who had a penchant for the Peanuts comic strip back in the day. Evident from the moniker, the cafe incorporates the eclectic loveable characters of the comic – including the namesake Charlie Brown – in the interior and also on the menu.

The Italian-style cafe offers a healthy and tasty selection of food and beverages, but it’s even more fun because you can find Charlie’s and Snoopy’s face on the froth of your cappuccino, Snoopy cakes and Charlie’s favourite burger.

We dare you to refrain from taking pictures with one of the Peanuts character figures – the place is simply adorable for kids and adults alike! You can also marvel at the memorable scenes from the comic strip in display cases, like the one from when Snoopy and Woodstock went hiking. Comic books, memorabilia and merchandise are spread around the venue, making it easy to lose track of time.

Charlie Brown Cafe

Fortuna House

58-60 Granville Road,

Kowloon, Hong Kong

T: (+852) 23666315