Gudetama Cafe

After the success of cute and wholesomely sweet characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody and Kerokerokerropi, Japanese company Sanrio came up with more relatable characters for the now generation. One of those is Gudetama, a lazy and unmotivated egg yolk that somehow has gained quite the following around the world.

In Osaka, fans of Gudetama can head to HEP FIVE shopping centre, just near Umeda Station. Finding the cafe won’t be difficult as it is covered with the adorable egg yolk in different poses and a white-yellow colour palette.

Gudetama is everywhere, including in the dishes and drinks. The Gude White Curry sees yellow rice in the shape of Gudetama, complete with a hint of his famous derriere crack peeking from beneath the bacon blanket. Gude’s indifferent facial expressions can be found on the Gudetama Mont Blanck Pudding, the wafer in the melon soda float, the castella cake, and even on top of your latte.

Gudetama Cafe


Yubinbango, Osaka-shi, Kita-ku, Kakuda-cho 5-15

Osaka 530-0017, Japan

T: (+81) 663663694

Asia Dreams August – October 2019