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When planning a holiday to Bali, you probably imagine laying on a pristine beach and watching the sun set behind a distant temple. But you might also want to add a trip to a medi-spa to your agenda, because Bali is the home of Cocoon Medical Spa – the most advanced and visually stunning clinic in Indonesia.

Aside from its astonishing architecture, Cocoon is renowned as the very best for a few reasons. Firstly, the training and experience of the staff is second to none, and in fact, when the spa was first conceptualised, the main strategy was to start with a high investment in training. All of Cocoon’s registered doctors and nurses have therefore been trained by Australian and British doctors to bring the level of their skills, techniques and communication to international standards.

Not only that, Cocoon uses the latest technologies in all skin lasers and equipment to offer better results with less pain and downtime. They offer the largest range of treatments that can be combined to bring better results, and each method has been tried and tested to improve skin and beauty. On top of all this, Cocoon is the only medical spa in Bali to provide wellness treatments alongside their cosmetics, including detox, colon hydrotherapy, infrared sauna, salt room therapy and Vitamin IV. The reason for this is that they understand cosmetic results are not just about jabbing a few needles; true anti-ageing is about looking after both the body and mind, ridding the toxic waste and aligning the hormones and health through vitamins and wellness. By approaching both wellness and cosmetic aspects together, you leave with better results, faster.

And lets face it, we’re in an age where there is too much of a focus on injectables for providing anti-ageing benefits, yet there are so many different and better treatments to improve the skin and slow down the clocks. Yes, botox and fillers have their place in cosmetics and anti-ageing, but at Cocoon, they believe that anti-ageing shouldn’t wholly rely on these two treatments alone, as they don’t help with skin health in the long term. What really improves the skin over time is a combination of treatments, e.g. 3D Laser rejuvenation, Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP), RF microneedling for skin tightening, together with supplementary treatments such as Diamond Microdermabrasion for exfoliation, or Mesotherapy to infuse vitamins and nutrients into the skin. Together with detox and wellness therapies, these treatments provide a huge difference in the long term to the skin and body. And that is the vision at Cocoon: long term results and long term improvements, by providing a combination of the latest treatments and most advanced technologies.

Into the Cocoon
As the spa’s towering glass doors slide open, a new dimension of relaxation and chic design is revealed. Living up to its name, the spa is shaped like a cocoon, and inside lies a soothing and comforting vibe. Unlike a medical clinic, it offers a warm, inviting environment, visually stunning with contrasting and complementary concepts, far removed from the traditional doctors’ clinics and spas. A cobblestoned passageway is dotted with giant concrete slabs that create an almost fairytale-like atmosphere, enhanced by towering indoor bamboo plants and white ceiling canvases like soaring birds above. On either side of the winding wonderland sits individual treatment rooms, nestled side-by-side like private pods of rejuvenation.

Before being guided into your own private pod, you are invited to browse the spa’s menu while a beautiful Balinese woman greets you with a cool glass of water, flavoured with a fresh slice of lemon. From relaxing facials, salt room therapy and colon hydrotherapy, to more intense treatments like wrinkle injections, fillers and mesotherapy, the menu offers a remedy for almost any skin concern you might have. They also offer packages to really target your beauty troubles, combining treatments to elevate the beautifying process.

Cocoon’s latest package is their “Cleopatra” facial treatment, designed to improve skin elasticity, reverse cell damage, improve blood circulation and increase the regeneration of your natural collagen. The treatment begins by exfoliating and vacuuming away dead skin cells using Diamond Microdermabrasion. It is an advanced version of microdermabrasion in the sense that the Micro scrubber technology also uses ultrasonic waves to help shake loose dead skin cells. The ultrasonic waves create heat and vibration to give a pleasant massage, driving creams and ampoules into the skin. It works by gently scrubbing away the skin’s topmost layer, which the body interprets as a mild injury and thus creates new cells to grow that are truly baby soft.

Your therapist then lathers on a pleasingly cool aloe vera extract to soothe the skin, as it feels a little hot after such a thorough cleanse. And with the unwanted layer of dead skin removed, your skin is now ready to absorb any beautifying goodness more easily, like the rejuvenating rays of LED Red Light therapy that soon follows. LED Red Light therapy is recognised medically and is clinically proven to increase new tissue growth, reduce fine lines and can stimulate collagen production. As you lay back in the comfort of the pod listening to relaxing spa music, LED light delivers deep stimulation to the skin. After about twenty minutes of drifting in and out of a light sleep, the therapist returns to pamper you with a 24 Carat Gold and Collagen mask.

The golden mask is cool and slippery, which is a welcomed feeling after the dry heat of the LED lighting. Once again, the therapist leaves you to relax while the mask works its magic, deeply nourishing the skin with its mineral goodness. The mask is then followed by a smearing of hyaluronic acid and moisturiser to further stimulate the natural collagen production in your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It is the ultimate pick-me-up facial that really has great results for the skin. It feels clean and addictively smooth, finished with a beautifully luminous glow.

Another fantastic treatment for skin sprucing is Cocoon’s 3D Skin Rejuvenation, one of their most popular packages that is slightly more intensive compared to the Cleopatra. It is designed to improve energy and vitality and help you look as young as you feel, embracing a concept that strives to improve the skin’s health from deep within. Forget quick fixes like surgery and huge amounts of Botox, the long term solution to looking your best all year round is to improve the condition of your skin, and that’s exactly what this treatment does.

So to target the skin’s overall health, Cocoon’s therapists work on all layers of the skin to polish the skin’s colour, texture and quality. The top layer of the skin is first targeted by using our favourite Diamond Microdermabrasion to deeply exfoliate and even out the skin’s tone and texture. Following this, the Dermis layer – where the collagen lies – is boosted using a “liquid” lift, lightly injecting the super-hydrating hyaluronic acid to restore hydration and feed your collagen levels. The deep layer is then tightened and lifted using RF Microneedling, releasing radiofrequency energy inside of the skin to boost the body’s own production of elastin and collagen fibres. The treatment then concludes with no-needle Mesotherapy to infuse well-deserved nutrients into the skin. This combination of powerful treatments provides long-lasting results, ensuring that you leave the cocoon rejuvenated and wholly satisfied, and most of all, feeling like a new butterfly.

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