Beolab 90

BeoLab 90 is the latest groundbreaking loudspeaker by Bang & Olufsen, made in celebration of the company’s 90th anniversary and its innovative heritage and timeless design philosophy. This masterpiece is a powerful digital unit carefully built with 18 state-of-the-art Scan-Speak loudspeakers and an impressive 360-degree design, delivering maximum performance from every direction regardless of its placement in the room and the listening position. BeoLab 90 features a combination of 14 channels of the latest generation ICE power amplifiers and four additional class D amplifiers, all customized for the specific requirements of the loudspeakers – emoting up to 8,200 watts per speaker in total. 

BeoLab 90 is fitted with the new Active Room Compensation technology, which makes up for the impact of your room, your furniture, the placement of the loudspeakers and the listening position. It includes a variety of cutting-edge settings, such as the Beam Width Control that gives you the power to widen the sound to ensure everyone in various rooms shares the exact same sound without having interference from reflections.

The beam can even be expanded to provide full 360 degree dispersion. It is as quick as using the Bang & Olufsen remote or the app on your phone to control the settings of your BeoLab 90’s beam width and direction. In simple terms, the settings allow you to steer the sound radiation to any location you please, from a chilled out spot to a party all over the room, or a cinematic experience, with just a button. 

Building one of the world’s most advanced speakers takes precision, time and creativity, and the BeoLab 90, which was about three years in the making. The visually magnificent BeoLab 90 is set in a complex aluminum cabinet, weighing up to 65kg, while the outer layer is subtly covered by acoustic black fabric and combined with a curved wooden base that lifts the large structure from the floor, on the whole complementing the interior structure of your home with sophistication.

Moreover, you can pre-program or save your speaker’s most suitable preferences in accordance with different occasions and needs. Be it for a simple or loud gathering, professional or casual setting, business or pleasure; these speakers will cater to your every mood with their mind-blowing technology, giving you a listening experience like no other.


Whether at work, home or a party, there is one common factor that helps set the right mood: music with the perfect set of speakers. Designed by award-winning Danish designer Jakob Wagner, the Beoplay A6 by Bang & Olufsen is the ideal fit for a modern lifestyle with its unique shape and features that spread the sounds to the entire room and maintain the ambiance best suited for you.

The new addition to the B&O Play line-up is tailored to the dynamic flavours of modern music lovers, with a balanced Bang & Olufsen signature sound. Shaped like a boomerang and featuring five powerful speaker units, each with its own digital amplifier and refined digital signal processing, the Beoplay A6 fills every living space with its detailed sound wherever you are located.

In addition, the wireless speaker allows you to stream music through Airplay, DLNA or Bluetooth 4.0 and was integrated access to streaming services like Spotify, Deezer and Internet Radio Tunein. You can easily control your music directly on the speakers by tapping or swiping the innovative touch interface, or you can simply use your mobile device.

The speaker’s exterior is covered in delicate and sophisticated woven patterns of multi-coloured threads created in close collaboration with Kvadrat, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of design textiles, which gives it a strong yet subtle visual appearance for any room setting. The look is available in four colours: Light Grey, Dusty Blue, Dark Rose and Dark Grey.

The portable speaker can sit upright on a surface large enough to support its frame, or it can be mounted on the wall. Wherever it is placed, the BeoPlay A6 will cater to your every mood at any given location, being simultaneously eye-catching and ear-catching.