Curating Luxury For Indonesian Online Consumers

Sophie Gorecki

Responding to the wealth of luxury products in Indonesia and the demand for an integrated online platform that offers a new level of shopping convenience, is a luxury products curator that connects consumers and merchants. At, the priority is to guarantee that consumers get authentic, genuine products, and thanks to a dedicated team of authenticators, it now commands one of the most enviable collections of genuine luxury products highly coveted by discerning fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts around the country.

Q: As co-founder, how did you come to create

A: To be completely blunt, there was no such thing as a platform that covered a large range of luxury products, services and content in Asia, which is pretty strange according to our research, because Asia has a very interesting proportion of the luxury market. The global luxury market, as of 2015, was worth over USD1 trillion, and 7 percent of it was purchases made online. And our researchers forecast that in 2020, the online market share for luxury products will be up to 12 percent. The online luxury business is clearly pushing boundaries and is becoming more and more of a trending item. was built upon very sound research and statistical analysis. We believe that there is a great demand for our unique services and we strive to continually help Indonesia’s discerning fashion and lifestyle consumers enjoy the ultimate shopping experience and convenience.

Q: From your perspective, what benefits could a discerning customer gain from a credible luxury goods curator such as

A: What we are doing is helping resellers from a wide spectrum of various social media, and at the same time, we help the customers find the right goods, so that, for example, when you look for a handbag you’ll see a large collection of brands, gathered and curated carefully to allow the consumer to see them all at once, instead of finding these merchants by browsing individually. Obviously, this makes it very convenient for lifestyle and fashion consumers to keep up with the latest trends and products.

Q: How fast will expand in Indonesia in terms of its collection of available luxury goods? 

A: We have a wide collection of around 40 high-end fashion brands at the moment, and in the near future we are looking to expand into art and jewellery as well, and we’re also looking into the vintage furniture market.

Q: What are some of the challenges that you foresee or maybe have overcome in the Indonesian market?

A: The same challenges mainly encountered by any online business – internet consistency and infrastructure in general. Product authentication is also a challenge from time to time, since there is a constant stream of replicas and imitations out there – extremely good replicas but unauthentic nonetheless. For this we have a dedicated team of authenticators that ensures every merchant we work with is dealing with the real thing. is presenting a new luxury pop-up boutique concept to be held mid-March 2017 in a secret location. An invitation only event, guests will be able to enjoy a unique shopping experience with a premium selection of luxury products such as handbags, watches and jewellery. curates the finest luxury accessories from selected brands including Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton, to independent designers displaying exquisite craftsmanship. Contact to get exclusive access.