Didi Riyadi

As one of the very competent figures in the Indonesian music scene, Didi Riyadi is halting his very active lifestyle and encouraging other people to learn more about the situation, as well as finding that staying at home is a blessing in disguise.

Q: How is life now that you have to stay at home?
I’m not going to lie, it has taken a while to adapt to this new situation. I’m very used to having an active daily life, but with what’s going on right now, I think it’s best to stay at home and follow the news closely. At least we still have an Internet connection, so getting meetings done virtually is easier than ever. I am also using this free time to relax and pay extra attention to my living space; daily chores are now getting done faster than ever.

Q: During this time, what suggestions can you share for people so that they stay positive and keep healthy?
A: To keep healthy, I would suggest exercising at home. Do something light to make your body move, and stretch well. You can easily use anything in your house to exercise.

I would also like to encourage people to educate themselves about what’s going on. Although we have social media, not everything there is the truth! Find reliable sources and learn why staying at home or physical distancing is needed at times like this. We can easily help the world heal more quickly by staying inside. Another thing to mention is to stay away from people or group chats that make you feel bad and think negatively. It’s better to live a stress-free life rather than putting up with fake news and hoaxes.

Q: Do you have any new hobbies that you have developed while staying at home?
A: Not so much new hobbies, but it’s nice to have your chores done and still have time to relax afterwards. This free time at home is like a blessing in disguise, not because of having more time, but because I get to pay more attention to everything in my house. I truly hope that this will be over soon and everything will go back to normal.


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