Exquisite ‘Protected Flora’ Edition from AQUA Reflections

Representing all the benefits of natural goodness, AQUA Reflections premium water bottle just launched its latest ‘Protected Flora’ edition. Featuring an illustration of Dendrobium Mutabile (Orchidaceae), one of the many native plants that grow abundantly in the brand’s water catchment area near Mount Salak. The new AQUA Reflections ‘Protected Flora’ bottle once again represents a drive for healthy lifestyles amid the dynamics of modern premium life.

Showing its full commitment and dedication to protect the waters purity, each bottle of AQUA Reflections is filled with the highest quality mineral water taken from the best springs and processed with the most advanced technology.

Coming from a single source in Mount Salak, every drop of AQUA Reflections is carefully selected through nine criteria, and five steps, over 400 quality parameters and involves more than one year of research. Knowing that this source is so precious, the brand aims to preserve its purity by protecting the ecosystem on which droplets of water begin their journey deep into the earth. First by being filtered through volcanic rocks, and by carrying precious minerals along the way.

Boasting a sleek and stylish design, made by using advanced technology without any human touch, AQUA Reflections Protected Flora is ready to bring nature’s finest to your body. Prepare for the refreshing exquisiteness! 


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