Farah Khan

It’s only natural for someone with a knack for aesthetics like Dato Seri Dr. Farah Khan to create her own fashion label, so she came up with the namesake brand Farah Khan, which has become a household name, not only in the Southeast Asia region but all over the world. Overseeing all the design and brand-building exercises, Farah Khan produces top quality ready-to-wear and couture collections. The Farah Khan brand has taken part in some of the most prominent global fashion events, like Paris Fashion Week, a show at Windsor Castle in England and the Cannes Film Festival in Monte Carlo. With retail outlets in more than 70 cities, the Farah Khan brand now has four free-standing stores in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The Farah Khan brand is back with its Spring/Summer 2017 collection, inspired by Yves Saint Laurent’s Love Cards postcard series and Henri Matisse’s art, boasting bold strokes and acid tones. For this collection Farah incorporates the easiness of great body language and effortless femininity, offering women a new take on boldness and brightness, with the general idea of inviting them to have a little fun.


Farah goes beyond a fashion designer as she also founded The Melium Group in 1989. With an eye for everything beautiful and exquisite, Farah has led the company to an impressive state of success – now holding distribution rights to 100 most-coveted fashion and lifestyle labels, from just one back in 1989. She has also brought diversification to Melium by including food and beverage and real estate elements in the equation. One recent brainchild is Seminyak Village, an iconic shopping and lifestyle centre located in Bali’s most thriving location.


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