Playfully titled “Trench Kisses, A Collection of Classics and Christine Keeler”, Burberry’s Christopher Bailey gives a nod to the attractively tousled early-sixties good-time girl, Christine Keeler, who helped to topple Britain’s Conservative government at the time. “I liked the idea of this very established, classic heritage world meeting a sassy, sweet, sexy, subversive world,” Bailey explains. The result? The brand’s signature trench coats and greatcoats in a traditional menswear palette of black, white, camel and wine-red, married with form-fitting pencil skirts, sleeveless sheath dresses and bold accessories including eye-catching belts in gold and silver. Animal prints also run the gamut from brassy to classy and were especially chic in oversized giraffe seen on clutches, dresses and turtleneck sweaters.