For Her

Celebrity Perƒume

Inspired by unrivaled charm and unforgettable magnetism, celebrities often promote themselves through fragrances. Many names have become associated with the world’s best perfumer.

“SOFIA” by Sofia Vergara

The composition is a juicy oriental floral created by perfumer Bruno Jovanovic. Top notes include juicy blackberry, sparkling cassis buds and plum. Flowers consisting of violet, Colombian rose and Colombian orchid are laid on the base of sandalwood, vanilla and earthy woods. Feel irresistible with this juicy oriental floral fragrance for women. This eau de perfume is available in 50ml and 100ml sizes.

“Vince Camuto Femme” by Vince Camuto

Inspired by iconic, glamorous women, Femme reflects the captivating and alluring individuality of the modern woman, whose confidence lets her make a bold statement not just with her fragrance, but with every step of her life. The bottle’s sensual shape and intricate detail captures the essence of the Femme woman, while the lavender-hued scent and packaging evoke an ethereal, timeless quality.

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