For the lady who has everything

At Christmas, it is worth considering that the fabulous USD4,000 Haiku traditional Japanese fish knife set may be well received, or perhaps not. Diamonds, on the other hand, are always a girl’s best friend, and who can go wrong with a pair of Borgezie Platinum Cleopatra Stilettos?

Going Platinum

It’s the shoe that took four years to develop… Enter the world’s first solid platinum stiletto – the extraordinary Borgezie Platinum Cleopatra. This incredible stiletto features a classical, and yet totally unique, lily stamen heel with natural flowing lines that will elevate any woman onto its perfect statuesque plinth. The stiletto is also available in 18ct white gold and 18ct yellow gold.


Alternative Charlotte Olympia Fall 14 Collection

Charlotte Oylmpia presents a stunning collection of risqué seasonal boots, bags, pumps and sandals. The extraordinary timeless designs from this exotic house of fashion are available now.


Graff Butterfly Full Motif, Full Diamond & Multi-Coloured Sapphire Watch

With 1,641 diamonds and 108 multi-coloured sapphires, this butterfly-inspired Graff timepiece is one of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève nominees for 2014. The delicate symmetry of the Graff Butterfly watch comprises an arrangement of four dazzling pear-shaped diamonds with each butterfly apparently suspended or hovering over a layer of intricately set gemstones.  The dial has 333 diamonds and 30 multi-coloured sapphires, whilst the bracelet has a mere 1,308 diamonds and 78 multi-coloured sapphires.