Maya Ubud Resort & Spa



Inspired by the traditional Balinese lore of orienting villages along a north-south sacred axis, linking the mountains in the center of the island to the realm of the gods, the surrounding seas and finally to the domain of demons, Maya Ubud symbolizes the quintessential Ubud experience. Nestled within a fairytale river valley setting to the east and bordering verdant rice fields to the west, Maya Ubud’s ten-hectare slice of paradise features manicured tropical gardens, architect-designed thatched roof buildings, private pool villas, luxury guestrooms, and of course, one of the most stunning spas imaginable set within a lush rainforest.

Conceptualized by one of Indonesia’s most celebrated architects, the timeless design of a central ceremonial walkway connects vital public spaces from the porte-cochere, through the lobby and down to the spa. The tranquil walk to Spa at Maya is a meditative experience in itself. Discreet signs acknowledge that you’re on the right path until suddenly, a private elevator appears to lower you down to the riverside. A world of its own, the Spa at Maya comprises a luxe, open-air reception pavilion, seven treatment villas, the River Café and a generous infinity edge swimming pool that connects seamlessly with the lush river landscape. Perfect for Bali’s expatriate community as well as in-house and visiting spa guests, the attractively priced ‘River Escape’ package provides an ideal opportunity to experience the very best of Spa at Maya including a soothing, 60-minute Maya Massage, 30-minute Body Scrub and a contemporary, two-course spa cuisine lunch or dinner at River Café. Spending some time lounging beside what could possibly be Ubud’s most alluring riverside pool is highly encouraged.

As you sip a refreshing herbal iced tea, take a few minutes to choose from Spa at Maya’s customized massage oil and body scrub product line. Artisan crafted in Ubud and on the island of Java, Blue Stone Botanicals has created a specialized line for Spa at Maya that is dedicated to harnessing the natural power of plants to help you regain a state of healthy balance. Similar to the concept behind Maya Ubud’s architecture, Blue Stone Botanicals is inspired by traditional Indonesian lifestyles: living amidst abundant, volcanic agricultural lands, lush tropical rainforests, and along ancient sea routes to the fabled Spice Islands. Indonesia’s island people have long used aromatic plants to heal and fortify body and mind.

Offered a choice of four massage oil compositions by the Spa’s lovely director, you will be equally taken with all four subdued scents including Balinese temple flowers, ylang-ylang, lavender and a bit of minty spice. A wooden walkway along the banks of the pristine Petanu River leads to a double treatment villa. Luxurious, open-air construction allows for the river to be heard on one side and a private, garden oasis with outdoor shower and pond is featured on the other. During the soothing, 60-minute massage, the sound of the river is like nature’s version of a meditation guru. As soon as your mind starts to wander, whether thinking about the children, the grocery list or making that dentist appointment, the Petanu’s steady rhythm brings you right back where you belong.

Capitalizing on an ancient Indonesian beauty ritual, a fine lulur scrub made from local herbs is applied to your entire body, softly exfoliating and softening the skin. A treatment that originates from the royal palaces of Central Java, Spa at Maya indulges guests with the ‘skin sweetening’ experience once reserved for princesses. After an unhurried rinse in the villa’s garden rain shower, it’s time to experience the highly refined spa cuisine at River Café. Extraordinarily ahead of its time, River Café’s ‘conscious cuisine’ was introduced to guests and the public over ten years ago. Dedicated to maintaining a complete balance, River Café sources fresh, organic ingredients from Bali’s cool hillsides. Proud supporters of the Slow Food movement, a philosophy that preserves regional cuisine with care and the use of high quality ingredients, River Café offers sustainable produce only when in season. Gluten free and vegetarian menus are available for guests with special dietary needs. Rather than refined white flour, you’ll find wheat alternatives including quinoa, buckwheat and coconut flour. White sugar and artificial sweeteners have been replaced with local honey, Indonesia’s famed palm sugar and fruit purées to add depth to each dish.

You would expect a fresh juice with the name ‘Kidney Kick Start’ to taste less than exciting, but in reality, the green apple, pineapple and watermelon combination is as refreshing as it is good for you. River Café’s cold-pressed juices stay fresh and ‘live’ for up to 48 hours; allowing your body to absorb as many nutrients as possible. With the pace of today’s modern lifestyle at full speed ahead, the Spa at Maya’s wholehearted wellness philosophy makes perfect sense.