From Japan to Bali

Spreading its wings to bring more diversity into the archipelago, Japan-famed Genki Sushi is now available to delight your taste buds in Bali.

First introduced to Indonesia in 2013, Genki Sushi has quickly become the go-to place for Jakartans to enjoy their favourite Japanese cuisine. And now, it’s time for Bali to enjoy the deliciousness of Genki Sushi.

Located on the first floor of Beachwalk Shopping Center, Genki Sushi is known to bring technology along with great delicacy. Each order is brought over to your table on a miniature Shikansen train that integrates with its own device or tablet for ordering. All of this tech wonder without having to comprise its quality and freshness. On the menu, diners will be delighted to find a selection of sushi that ranges from gunkan and makimono, to nigiri. Not forgetting the sashimi section where diners can find fatty tuna or chutoro, salmon and scallop sashimi, as well as salmon belly sashimi. For something heavier, the rice and noodle section offers meals ranging from beef and egg bowl, chicken teriyaki bowl, to udons and ramens.

“Bali has always been a place for everybody, people from around the world would like to visit and that makes Bali one of the thriving business locations in the country. It’s not only about good business, but we also acknowledge our customers’ needs and we respond to it by bringing Genki Sushi to Bali – having it in a strategic area. Genki Sushi offers quality and contemporary Japanese cuisine at an excellent value yet we entertain customers at the same time by how we deliver food to diners at their tables,” explained Anthony Cottan, President Director PT Map Boga Adiperkasa, Tbk.

Genki Sushi in Bali is the 32nd outlet across the country after Jakarta and the surrounding regions, Bandung, Batam, Medan, Semarang, Surabaya and Yogyakarta. Sitting side by side with the famous Kuta Beach, Genki Sushi in Bali is bringing a coastal ambiance to the diners with a touch of sea, sand and wave in its decoration.

Genki Sushi

Beachwalk Shopping Center

Bali 80361, Indonesia

T: (+62) 3614757108