Gifts for Luxury Traveller

Fujifilm X100s
When choosing a new camera for your holiday, convenience often bumps heads with quality in a choice between a compact camera and a more bulky SLR. With the Fujifilm X100s you can have the best of both worlds: a lightweight camera that takes top quality photographs to rival those of an SLR. The vintage appearance of this uber-cool high-tech camera might be rather misleading, because inside the retro exterior lies some of the most modern and advanced technology in the digital world. With its hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder, high ISO image quality and 35mm wide-angle lens, you can easily and conveniently capture those all-important holiday snaps without sacrificing on quality.

Sodashi Rejuvenate Skin Care Kit
The air-conditioned cabins of aeroplanes and the tiresome nature of travel can take its toll on your skin, not to mention the dehydrating effects of the sun’s rays or the snowy mountains once you finally reach your destination. That’s where Sodashi’s Rejuvenate Skin Care Kit comes in handy, at the ready to revive and nourish tired, travelled complexions. From the Rejuvenating Face Mist to the Eye and Lip Smoother, the kit consists of six travel-sized facial care formulas that use natural plant extracts to restore a youthful glow in dry, dehydrated skin types.

Rayban Clubmaster Sunglasses

When it comes to holidays, sunglasses are essential, and when it comes to sunglasses, there is always one name that stands out above the rest. Timeless and totally fashionable, Rayban has done it again with the latest polarized Aluminum Clubmaster, perfectly complementing a swimsuit or business suit, whatever your travel intentions. Introducing a sassy, metallic twist to the original Wayfarer design, the Clubmaster is reminiscent of 1960’s Italian fashion, available in a number of playful and stylish colours.