Happy Salma

Actress, writer and mother Happy Salma is known for her theatrical works, among other things. Now that she has to stay at home, she shared some stories about the changes she’s facing and how to have fun with the family.

Q: How did the challenging situation of having to stay at home change your life?
A: I have to face many changes due to this situation. I was supposed to be in a play this April, but it has been postponed. Anything that involves a large number of people gathering in one place, I have put off until further notice. Our Tulola shops in Jakarta and Bali have had to close down for now, but we are trying to look for other ways. People can still shop online or use our personal shopper facility. Our restaurant Biku is open again today for takeaways and delivery. Guests can also dine in, so we try to make it as comfortable as possible – with hand-washing facilities at the front, enough distancing and paying attention to cleanliness and hygiene. Yes, my life is going through changes, I only go out if it’s really urgent, and even so, I take precautions, like wearing a mask, bringing a hand sanitiser and washing my hands whenever I can. That said, I try to refrain from being over paranoid, so that I have mental wellness too.

Q: What do you do to keep active while staying at home?
A: The good thing about the quarantine is that I have more time to spend with my children. I’m kept busy trying to entertain them, while also doing my job online. Since we have a printer at home, I like to print out photos of my family and frame them. I also find time to finish reading books that I meant to read. Even before we got into this situation, I’ve tried to make eating healthy a habit, by choosing foods with more protein, eating more vegetables and fruit, and drinking more water. I do pilates regularly, sometimes with my husband, who teaches me the movements. My children love Zumba for kids, and I like to join them in the morning, and swim with them in the afternoon.

Q: Do you have any tip to be stress-free staying at home?
A: The stress level of each person is different from others because everyone has their own needs. The important thing that we need to remember is how we respond to the stress. When you’re stressed, often your body tries to tell you that with a migraine or such. When that happens, respond accordingly, by slowing down, for example. Take time to recognise how you feel and what you need. Try to fulfil what you need in moderation if some adjustments are needed. Humans need to detox, and I like to think that this is the way nature reminds us of that.

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