Hiromi Mizushima

Executive Chef, Shabu Shabu Gen

“心技体”Heart, technique, body. The trinity balance of mental power, elaborate technology and a knowingly flexible body is so important in life, not just in your work, but also your personal existence.

Shabu Shabu Gen in Indonesia elevates the Japanese hotpot to fine dining, preserving the authenticity of Shabu Shabu Gen’s flagship Singapore restaurant. Catering to the high-end Japanese shabu-shabu market, it serves only the best premium marbled wagyu beef sourced from boutique cattle houses in Japan. With cityscape views from The Plaza’s prestigious 46th floor in Jakarta, the shabu-shabu is served with three dipping sauces, the classic ponzu sauce, a refreshing citrusy yuzu sauce and the ever-popular goma sauce.

Chef Hiromi graduated from law school, but his passion for cooking led him to put his legal career aside. Holding a licence to prepare the potentially dangerous blowfish, he has also taught cooking in high school, as well as cooking for Japanese royalty, top international politicians and celebrities. His low-key nature is twinned with a deep dedication to achieving excellence.

The Plaza, 46th Floor
Jl MH Thamrin Kav 28-30
Jakarta Pusat – 10350
T: +622129922246 / +6281212124646
E: shabugen@lesamisgroup-id.com

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