Hong Kong

Sail, swim and savour at Hong Kong’s premier country club

The Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club is Hong Kong’s premier marina and leisure destination, home to some of the region’s largest luxury yachts and some of the finest architecture and design along the city’s coastline. With an enormous pool, a smorgasbord of sports facilities, recreational areas, special events and entertainment, breath-taking sailing experiences and tailor-made celebration packages, your friends, family and loved ones will be well and truly looked after at this five-star leisure sanctuary.


Place your bets at the Happy Valley Racecourse

With the wedding on the horizon and a fizz of excitement in the air, why not treat your wedding party to a lively evening at the races to experience the thrill of cheering on a winning horse alongside plenty of bottles of bubbly? Attracting top riders from around the world, the Happy Valley Racecourse not only promises a raucous night out, but also comes with a stellar reputation that brings in Hong Kong’s finest every Wednesday night, from September through to July.


Relive your childhood at Hong Kong Disneyland

Whether it’s to please your younger guests or to let your inner child run wild, a day out at Disneyland will no doubt have the entire wedding party feeling revived and full of youthful merriment. From exciting rollercoaster rides to heart-warming group pictures with famous Disney characters, there’s something for everyone at this world-renowned destination. What’s more, there’s a myriad of restaurants and accommodation options scattered throughout the park, so your party can come and go as they please and choose a schedule to suit.


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