A visit to Tiger Island

Just a 90-minute boat ride away from Jakarta lies Tiger Island in the Seribu Archipelago, an exclusively isolated tropical island sheltered by open skies, nursed by a gentle, calming breeze and surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. In addition, Asian, Western and vegetarian culinary offerings are available to satisfy any guest’s palate. Using an eco-friendly, responsible-tourism concept, Tiger Island Village & Eco Resort strives to be a sustainable island resort village that relies on sophisticated eco-technology such as efficient solar panels to generate energy, a rainwater catcher, an advanced waste management system to prevent environmental damage, organic food ingredients, including fresh catch to empower local fishermen, recycled driftwood and coral reef preservation.

This noble policy allows the resort to be the perfect base for guests who appreciate nature and wish to explore and behold marine treasures in its surrounding area and around Seribu Archipelago. Combined with the staff’s genuine warmth and high service levels, Tiger Island invites you to live harmoniously with nature and people alike. Jumping into the water literally from your doorstep to snorkel is the easiest way to enjoy Tiger Island’s surrounding corals, but if you’re looking for more adventure, there are quite a few interesting scuba-diving spots nearby. Blanketed by calm seas for miles, guests can also rent canoes or other small water craft to explore the region, or head to a neighbouring smaller island for a picnic. On land, try the island’s own Tiger Island tennis, engage in a variety of beach sports, frolic on the beach, meditate to your heart’s content, or simply lie on a hammock all day while enjoying the breeze and ocean sounds with a delicious cocktail. At Tiger Island, time stands still as you enjoy your very own piece of paradise.