How to Get a Healthier House


Cleaning your house is all about removing contaminants from everywhere that they don’t belong. Start your spring cleaning now and leave the hoarding lifestyle behind. For both cleanliness and efficiency minimalize the things you own – from the clothes you wear and books you read, to the food you buy and the knickknacks you keep around. Dust every corner of your house, especially those you tend to forget about, like the top of your books on the shelf. Sweep and mop your floor, and regularly change your sheets.


It’s really important to regularly disinfect high-touch surfaces in your house, such as table surfaces, doorknobs, kitchen and bathroom counters, faucet knobs, toilet seats and handles, and light switches. Remember to clean the surfaces first, then disinfect using your choice of disinfectant. We like sprays or wipes for ease of use.

DIY disinfectant

If you are having difficulties finding disinfectant products, you can make your own by mixing four teaspoons of household bleach with four cups of water, then pour the mix into a spray bottle and shake vigorously. Your DIY disinfectant is now ready to use. Spray on the targeted surfaces and let sit for 10 minutes before wiping with a wet cloth.

Light and air

Make it a habit to open your doors, windows and curtains or shutters in the morning. This way, your house will get enough sunlight to benefit both you (hello vitamin D) and your house (goodbye mouldy corners). By opening the windows, you also ensure good air circulation around the house.

Take out the trash

Don’t postpone taking out the trash, even when there isn’t that much. Trash, especially food waste, rots quickly and can contaminate the air in your house, while it can also lead to bacterial contamination. Trust us on this, don’t wait till later, take out the trash now.

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