Indonesia’s very Own Sushi Wiz

For discerning foodies in Jakarta – especially those with a penchant for Japanese cuisine, restaurants like 3 Wise Monkeys, Sushi Itoph, WE Eatery/Drinkery and HONU Poké & Matcha Bar are no strangers. Serving delicious dishes made from top quality ingredients, the aforementioned restaurants have won over the capital city’s food enthusiasts.

We went behind the scenes and talked to the mastermind behind these popular restaurants, which is how we got to know Toar Christopher – Indonesia’s very own master sushi chef and restaurant consultant extraordinaire.

Toar Christopher

Toar began his story by reminiscing on how he got his passion for cooking when he was little and used to watch his grandmother cook. As he grew up, he got into sports and put cooking on the backburner for a while. It was during his college years that Toar got back into the kitchen with his part-time job as a server. From then on, he began to work his way up the kitchen, before focusing on the art of sushi making, and he has never looked back.

Toar is known for bringing a twist of modern fusion to traditional Japanese cuisine, making the dishes fun and stylish, as well as scrumptious. Toar knows the importance of knife skills, speed and accuracy when it comes to crafting sushi dishes, but he credits something else as his key to success.

Aburi crunchy spicy salmon roll

“My basic principle is that I want to make people happy,” Toar said. “When I’m running a restaurant, I want my employees to be happy, I want to make the customers happy, and if there are investors, I want them to be happy too. So, I work on ways to make everything run smoothly and everybody happy. That’s all.”

Sushi Itoph

Jalan Kelapa Gading Boulevard Blok WD2/19

Jakarta 14240, Indonesia

T: (+62) 214508551

Asia Dreams February – April 2020