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Built for performance and designed to turn heads, the 2016 F-Type Coupe is muscular and rigid, yet lightweight and sensuous.

Continuing the success of the brand’s seductive F-type, Jaguar has added a new luxury vehicle that comes with a very pleasant surprise that is also a first for the models in this line: an F-type that finally offers a manual transmission. And that’s not all!

The other two big enhancements the 2016 F-Type packs are perhaps more fundamental, if not as glorious. The option sheet now includes an all-wheel drive, while the off-the-line, 550-hp F-Type Coupe is now available in roadster form. Jaguar also dropped the F-Type’s hydraulic power steering assist to make way for an even better feature: an electrically boosted rack for better fuel economy and enhanced precision. The steering system also gets a stiffer intermediate column shaft.

All things being equal, the adrenaline-pumping F-Type is a pure Jaguar sports car that combines exhilarating performance, instant response and precise, agile handling with refined everyday convenience and usability.

Seductive Exterior
The exterior design of the 2016 F-Type Coupe reveals the iconic Jaguar bloodline of high-performance sports cars. Seemingly sculpted by the wind itself, aerodynamic performance is seamlessly integrated into the body for low levels of lift and stability at high velocity. A front splitter beneath the grille and rear valance manage airflow underneath the car, while a deployable rear spoiler automatically rises at speeds over 70mph, reducing lift by up to 264 lbs3.

With more than three customisable options for its exterior look, Jaguar offers the freedom to customize your 2016 F-Type Coupe as you see fit. These packs are the Design Pack, Black Pack, Design Pack + Black Pack and Carbon Fibre Pack.

The Design Pack includes body-coloured sill extensions, front splitters and a glossy black rear valance with a redesigned rear bumper venture, while the Black Pack enhances the appearance of your 2016 F-Type Coupe with a dramatic glossy black finish to the grill and surround, side power vent surround and mesh, hood louver surround, bumper beam, front and aero splitters, outer meshes and window surrounds. This pack also continues to the interior, finishing the centre console, steering wheel and gauge trim in sleek black. Like both? The Design Pack + Black Pack grants you the best of both looks combined into one integrated sexy look. Lastly, add that extra sleekness in the fine details of your 2016 F-Type Coupe by opting for the Carbon Fibre Pack, which includes carbon fibre mirror covers, side power vents and hood louvers.

Another nifty feature is the optional panoramic glass roof or carbon fibre roof. The glass roof allows more natural light and airiness into the interior, with an added manually sliding black-out blind when it gets too warm, or for when drivers want increased seclusion. The carbon fibre roof includes outer and inner panels bonded together to create a strong, yet light roof structure that features a visible carbon fibre weave through a deep, high-grade lacquered finish.

Ingenious Interior
The cabin architecture of the 2016 F-Type Coupe is designed to provide optimum visibility with minimal distractions. Behind the steering wheel are two large analogue dials – an essential feature in any respectable sports car – boasting instruments that are simple, clear and easy to read. The steering wheel itself incorporates key functions such as audio controls and a hands-free activation panel.

At the centre of the cockpit an 8-inch colour touch-screen panel provides intuitive control of many features, including the navigation and infotainment systems such as Jaguar InControl® and the 770W Meridian™ Sound System. All this comes with the F-Type’s standard quintessential British character, but with a customizable personality that lets you define your own style. Tailor your choices with different seat options, specifying the textures and colour combinations, styling packs, accessories and options. Taking full advantage of these remarkable interior features, you and the 2016 F-Type Coupe connect from the moment you ignite its powerful engine.

Manual Transmission Goodness
The manual transmission is a six-speed unit provided by ZF and Jaguar boasts that the shifter’s throw measures just 1.77 inches. There’s a dual-mass flywheel to minimize noise, vibration and harshness and it backs up to a low-inertia single-plate clutch. Jaguar has also placed the pedals in such an intuitive way that heel-toe downshifting is a real snap.
All-wheel-drive F-types benefit from a sporty front/rear torque split in which 100% of the engine’s might is sent to the rear axle until slip is detected at the front. In such cases, the system’s brain can shuffle up to 50% of the torque to the front axle. Adding a differential to the front shifts the F-Type’s weight distribution forward by 1.2% and Jaguar’s specification sheet indicates that the F-Type S AWD Coupe and convertible pack an additional 177 pounds, while the new AWD R Coupe gains 143lbs compared to the rear-drive 2015 version. While some might not see this added weight as ideal, please note that the increased horsepower the engine packs more than makes up for it.

Every F-Type boasting this all-wheel-drive feature gets a nifty AWD badge, a special hood—the R included—with wider-set, relocated heat-extraction vents compared to regular F-Types, body-coloured rocker panels and a rear-fascia trim.

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