Lagoon Spa

The Art of Spa  

The modern spa is transforming the ever-growing wellness industry and in Bali, pampering oneself has evolved to become more than just a massage – it’s a sensory experience of luxury and tradition, laced with self-soothing one’s inner essence. A sanctuary, the modern-day spa must connect to one’s inner needs and desires, and coining the phrase: ‘first impressions count’, creating an atmosphere of aesthetics that incites both desire and curative power; what makes up the modern spa is much like an expression of art – it must connect, arouse and inspire, imparting a feeling of privilege.

Blending the culture of Bali’s rich artisan creativity with the modern modalities of wellbeing, one spa stands out as integrating local craftsmanship with unique, modern architecture and interior design…  The Lagoon Spa at The Laguna Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua.

The Lagoon Spa is an extension of The Laguna itself. Elegant, modern, with an avant-garde approach to traditional craftsmanship, the spa is perfectly attuned to the resort’s image. Designed by A.W. LAKE Spa Concepts, whose spa portfolio showcases the who’s who of high-end hotels and resorts globally (think of W, St Regis, Aman, to name just a few), the spa upholds the authenticity of the resort. Adria Lake, founder and managing director of A.W. LAKE says: “the inspiration for this project came from the resort itself, which reflects the cultural richness of Bali. The spa is our modern interpretation of the familiar Balinese-style architecture and interior.” Now a prominent feature within the resort, The Lagoon Spa takes centre stage surrounded by Bali’s first lagoon-style swimming pool. More than a showpiece, it’s a statement: the essence of what Bali is now – modern and sophisticated without ever losing its soul… its time-honoured tradition.

The integration of highly-crafted, yet not outdated, artistry distribute in perfect synergy with chic volume and form, as predominant and diverse feature walls, colours, lights and artistic touches blend together. Given its new location alongside the lagoon, the dynamic movement and flow of water is subliminally prominent throughout, within the design.

Upon entering, a commanding, cascading chandelier beckons guests to journey down the spiralled staircase where undulating walls reflect the rippling pond, guiding the journey inward.  The sublime flow continues along the spa corridors as each room merges seamlessly into the next. The spa’s iconic circular relaxation lounge showcases spiralling crystal orbs, suspended elegantly in the centre of the room. Massage suites are crisp, subdued and intimate: batik designed wall finishes and door veneers blend harmoniously with the modern look, and providing a unique focal point for guests during a massage, lacquered, wooden-carved leaves adorning the ceiling complete the traditional touch. The Lagoon Spa moves and breathes. Nothing here is static. Every spa needs a soul and be a living space, and the Lagoon Spa exudes a strength, yet grace, that is so Balinese – it’s the perfect balance.

Ari Trisna, a spokesperson for the spa says: “guests continue to return to The Laguna for the Bali experience and they still feel that within the new spa. There is a real fascination with the new location, the Bali-inspired features throughout the spa, and the overall atmosphere.”

Motifs, textiles and art feature prominently and encapsulate the character of Bali. It’s astutely clean, sophisticated, but warm. Adria says of one striking wall feature at reception – of wooden flower petals inspired by the resort’s hibiscus logo, and powerful cultural symbol of Bali: “these three-dimensional petals are hand-made and each is unique.  They symbolise the uniqueness of each guest; that everyone is different and beautiful in their own way.” It’s that type of attention to detail that makes The Lagoon Spa an enriching and engaging experience, both visually and experientially.

Not to be overshadowed by its design, upholding the modern-day spa’s prerequisite of offering customers enhanced services, The Lagoon Spa delivers, boasting a number of alternative treatments; including, holistic healing, waxing, hair treatments, and a children’s spa menu – complete with a complimentary delicious milk shake! The spa’s reception, chic and cosmopolitan, showcases a retail outlet featuring designer jewellery, beauty products and a selection of other natural care products.

With eight massage suites – all named after references to water (oasis, aqua, dew, creek, spring, flash, flow and fountain) – guests have the choice of double or single rooms, with some offering a mesmerising view of the lagoon, and designer massage tables fit for royalty. Treatments include: customised massages, body scrubs, facials, signature manicures and pedicures – and a chocolate treatment, where nature’s super-antioxidant is used in a number of applications, from a chocolate oil revitalisation massage, to a warm chocolate body wrap.

Refreshing ginger tea, fruit-infused water and fresh fruit offer that touch of Zen. Stylish change rooms, complete with sauna, lockers, body care products and robes; The Lagoon Spa ensures that guests have at hand a wellness facility where complete inner and outer beauty essentials are catered for.

Like an artistic mirror, every aspect of The Lagoon Spa reflects the rich depth of Bali’s heritage, yet its progressive design is truly a touch of class.

And outside of the spa’s adjoining state-of-the-art gymnasium, the integration of the resort and spa continues… the play of bold features, batik designs and colour tones merge to the very edge of the resort’s lagoon – the inspiration of unending flow.