Samsung Gear S2

The Samsung Gear S2 is one of the best smartwatches on the market, with two stylish designs: the standard Gear S2 and the upscale Gear S2 Classic, featuring a rotating bezel and Tizen OS. With the Gear S2, you can switch between apps, refer back to notifications, change volume and brightness, all with the same smooth motion. The 1.2-inch Super AMOLED screen is also a stand-out feature with its retro look, as well as its incredibly sharp, vibrant and fully circular elements. It also features 360-by-360 pixels, which means you can choose to set the font size to your preference and see more messages or notifications on one screen as you scroll through them. The Gear S2 is also adaptable to your lifestyle. If you want to be more active, it can vibrate to remind you that you’ve been sitting down for a while and also provide the time you’ve been inactive or active. Other health-related features include step counting, a heart rate monitor, an auto tracker that can estimate daily calories burned and much more. The Gear S2 is definitely worth considering as one of the most intuitive and interactive smart watches released. 



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