Apple Watch

The Apple Watch comes in two sizes and is one of the best looking smart watches made to date, especially when paired with a quality Apple watch strap. The build quality is outstanding and the sizes of both the 38mm and 42mm watches are much smaller than you’d imagine, thus making them look chic. The Apple Watch uses a wireless umbilical connection to display any notification from your phone: anything from texts to WhatsApp messages, tweets, Instagram likes, Facebook comments, Gmail alerts, reminders and more. At the same time it filters out the less relevant ones. You can also make calls from the watch and reply to messages using your voice. The watch allows you to make instant actions, especially when in a situation where grabbing your phone isn’t easy. In addition, the line-up of apps is pretty strong, although some big apps are still slowly filtering through: for example, Google Maps. Other key features include tracking steps, standing time, sports tracker and daily activity, which help to remind you to stay fit. The Apple Watch 2 is set to arrive soon with new enhancements, tools and apps, making it faster and more usable than any other smart watch.