Sho Naganuma

Founder, Momozen

My cooking philosophy is based on a Japanese idiom that essentially means: Respect the Old, Welcome the New. Cooking is like art and is always evolving. To me, the classics are never confined by time; today’s new techniques could become new classics in the future, so at Momozen, we respect traditions while concurrently embracing what is to come.

Committed to serving food that is innovative and unique, Momozen marries traditional Japanese and French skills and techniques with top-quality ingredients from across the globe to introduce a new world of tastes for Jakarta’s diners. Aiming to be Jakarta’s finest truffle house, Momozen’s signature dish is Truffle Donabe Gohan, a complex culinary adventure cooked fresh to order. Momozen believes in the Japanese philosophy of Yi Xin Den Xin, which essentially means to understand one another without the need to explain, to be able to connect, in this case, through taste.

Chef Sho has many years of experience working in renowned restaurants specializing in Japanese and French cuisines, including those awarded Michelin stars, leading him to pair the rich flavours of Japan and France in exceptional ways. His experience, skill and charm have led him into international culinary consulting.


The Plaza, 46th Floor

Jalan M.H. Thamrin

Jakarta 10350, Indonesia

T: (+62) 2129922246

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