Sizzling Tomato Season


Italian food is a celebration of life, as meals are seen as a time to spend with family and friends. They love to savour rich foods with the combination of everything: tasty meat, pasta, bread and melted cheese, making pizza as one of their favourite foods. Here in Red Tomato’s new concept, you can enjoy this gluttony, guilt-free, as they are using the freshest ingredients, olive oil and homemade sauce on top of crispy pizzas that is thin and hand-tossed, containing less carbohydrate than usual pizzas. It has become a new trend in enjoying a good meal, without the guilt.

From the outside the ambiance looks chic and casual, with open façade that is inviting patrons to step inside and transform to the ambiance of alfresco dining in Italy. The new interior reflects a casual chorus of Italian dining, eminent from the natural elements used such as imitation grass, garden benches, brick walls and even the swings! The soft lightings bring a warm and casual ambiance of a garden, provides an escapement in the hustle and bustle of the city. Strategically located in Plaza Indonesia, on Lower Ground floor, equipped with wifi and complete TV channels, it is a perfect meeting venue during weekdays and weekends, especially for families with the facility of Kid’s Corner and Kid’s menu.

Italian cuisine is noted for it’s regional diversity and abundance of difference in taste. That’s why the new concepts of Red Tomato not only emphasizes on the pizza selections, but also broaden it into Pizza, Pasta, Grill and Coffee. With over 20 variety of pizzas, the selection ranges from traditional to adventurous pizzas such as Taco Pizza, with avocado and jalapeño, Dancing Pizza, with dried bonito flakes, or Zesty Italiano Pizza with Italian sausage and many more. Grilled items are also available for more serious dining, with recommended menu such as US Prime Beef Steak, Mahi-mahi Cheese Crusted and King Prawn or Italian Rosemary Chicken deeply marinated with butter and fresh herbs. Mouth watering pastas are also available, some to try are Jambalaya Fettuccine, with grilled chicken, shrimp, beef Bockwurst in spicy Cajun Pomodoro sauce, or to get a taste of Italian homemade cooking, try Spaghetti Tomato Cream Sauce with Italian Meatballs.

The Italians always finish their meal with dessert and coffee, and in Red Tomato you can experience the same, with dolce pizzas that can be shared with your parties. Each dolce pizza are topped with delicious toppings of fresh fruits, chocolates and peanuts, combined with specialty coffee, it’s the perfect ending of every meal and will give you a slice of la dolce vita.

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