The Heavenly Taste of Bandung

Mie Kocok

Dubbed the capital of good food in West Java, Bandung will never fail to pamper your taste buds.

Located only two hours from Jakarta, Bandung has long been a favourite for city-dwellers to take a refreshing break while enjoying the culinary adventures on offer. In recent years, the city has not been afraid to showcase new creative dining experiences through its hilltop cafés and restaurants. Once a centre for the Dutch colonies, Bandung is still using its well-preserved historic buildings to attract visitors. With a cooler climate compare than the capital city, Bandung needs to be on everyone’s list for an exciting culinary journey.

Mie kocok

Another street snack that is highly popular in Bandung is mie kocok. This soupy noodle dish is the perfect companion on colder days to warm the body and soul. Consisting of beansprouts, flat noodles and sliced tender beef tendons, many visitors are seen flocking to well-known establishments selling this hearty dish.


Born as a street stall dish, batagor has captured the hearts of many foodies from around the world. Consisting of deep-fried tofu filled with meat, this dish is served with a dollop of peanut sauce for an added of savoury flavour. A number one choice for snacking between meals, visitors can now find many places selling batagor, including in some high-end restaurants around Indonesia.

Nasi timbel 

Nasi timbel is a traditional dish for the Sundanese that has long been enjoyed for both lunch and dinner. Consisting of white rice rolled in a banana leaf, the dish is served with many side dishes, including lalapan (fresh raw veggies), fried or grilled chicken, fried tofu, tempeh, salted fish and sambal dadak.