The new Porsche Cayenne

The new Cayenne offers a flawless marriage of panache, performance and practicality

Since its entry into the luxury SUV market in 2003 Porsche has been manufacturing sports crossover vehicles that have redefined the marque in terms of style, performance and quality.

The perfect marriage of panache, performance and practicality, with its latest vehicle, the new Cayenne, the sports-car giant offers drivers an exceptional SUV experience that once more asserts the brand’s market-leading credentials. The Cayenne builds upon its pedigree and the rapid advances in automotive technology and features a new chassis, new engines, completely overhauled interior and coming soon its first Hybrid model.

The new Cayenne follows the normal Porsche practice of being available in Standard, S and Turbo versions with a hybrid and diesel version set for launch later in 2018 in selected markets. With distinctive styling and a host of personalisation options each model offers sumptuous interiors, class-leading tech, an exhilarating driving experience and scintillating performance.


The 340 HP standard model has a naturally aspirated V6 engine with direct fuel injection, variable valve timing and a variable resonance intake manifold that together help boost fuel economy and reduce emissions by 20 percent. The Cayenne S boasts an extra 100 HP whilst the top-of-the-range V8 twin-turbo model generates a whopping 550 HP that, via the exceptional eight-speed Tiptronic S gearbox propels the Cayenne Turbo to a top speed of 286 KPH and to 100 KPH in just 4.1 seconds.

The Cayenne is predictable and capable in any conditions and, despite being slightly bigger than the previous model, it loses weight. This not only helps with performance gains but also improves balance and handling particularly when the Sports mode is selected offering extra suspension stiffness and more rapid gear changes.

Four-wheel steering is also available as an optional extra, an addition that increases high-speed stability and adds low-speed precision. The ride height is adjustable but for committed off-roaders the off-road pack is highly recommended.

The new interiors and technology are as impressive as the drivetrain. Using high-quality dense plastics and supple leathers Porsche has designed a versatile and sporty cabin, but one that is practical, well-appointed and efficient. For added luxury add the extended leather pack or discus the bespoke options with the dealer.

The giant touch and swipe 12.3in touchscreen in the centre of the dashboard features clear graphics and is very responsive, be it in mapping or infotainment mode. In fact, the clarity extends to all the controls, including the steering wheel-mounted switching, which is intuitive and simple to operate. Smartphone integration features Apple CarPlay and the Porsche app.

For style, performance and practicality, the new Cayenne is the SUV 2018 benchmark. 

Cayenne Hybrid S
Offering performance comparable to a naturally aspirated V8 unit, but with considerably lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, the Hybrid S will feature a V6 supercharged engine supported by an electric motor capable of taking the Hybrid S to a top speed of 242 KPH and accelerate to 100 KPH in a little over six seconds.