The Sublime Taste of Ottoman Cuisine

Turkuaz Authentic Turkish and Ottoman Cuisine offers an impeccable Turkish dining experience in vibrant south Jakarta.

Adding to Jakarta’s repertoire of dining destinations, Turkuaz Authentic Turkish and Ottoman Cuisine Restaurant is a purveyor of authentic Turkish cuisine that focuses on preserving and introducing Ottoman Turkish cuisine to Jakarta’s buzzing culinary world. Ottoman cuisine refers to Turkish food of the Ottoman Empire and is a continuation of the cuisines of Turkey, Greece, the Balkans, parts of the Caucasus, and the Middle East.

Mezze Platter

Opened in July 2011, the restaurant is helmed by visionary chef Sezai Zorlu, Jakarta’s only expert in Ottoman Turkish cuisine, who has single-handedly reshaped Jakarta’s definition of authentic Turkish food. Turkuaz has received much acclaim as one the best restaurants in Jakarta.

Situated in Gunawarman, one of the city’s most vibrant areas and home to some of Jakarta’s most sought-after and hippest restaurants, diners are transported away from the hectic Jakarta streets as they step into the restaurant. A custom-made chandelier shaped like the iconic Turkish tulip tea glasses draws attention to the ceiling, and to the large picture of Kemal Pasha Attaturk, which the chef put up in homage to the great father of Turkey.

Lamb in Salt Burning

Turkuaz has some of the most exclusive private rooms in Jakarta. The Sultan Room is adorned with actual pieces of history from the empire that can inspire conversation during the meal. Painted in royal purple, guests are invited to truly experience the exclusive way of Ottoman dining. Still on the same floor is Pera Lounge, inspired by an upscale sophisticated area from Istanbul’s olden times that can accommodates up to 12 people.

Every dish on the menu is prepared with ingredients imported from Turkey and the Middle East to ensure authenticity. Chef Sezai is also determined to use authentic cooking methods used for centuries in his home country as much as possible. Indulge your taste buds with signature dishes such as lamb shank, adana kebabs, yayla kebab or sis kebab.

Turkuaz Authentic Turkish and Ottoman Cuisine Restaurant

Jalan Gunawarman

Jakarta 12190, Indonesia

T: (+62) 2172795846