Unlock The Subconscious

Find your inner peace with Anantara Seminyak’s hypnotherapy programme.

Long before Eat Pray Love hit the theatre, Bali has been known as the ultimate wellness and spa destination surrounded by beautiful views of the beach, jungles and mountains. Home to thousands of spas and wellness retreats spread over the whole island, Bali offers more treatments than the body and mind could ask for. Recently, Anantara Seminyak has launched a new spa programme centred on hypnotherapy.

Led by Made – Anantara’s Wellness Guru and a certified hypnotherapist, the new treatment is believed to reprogramme the subconscious and is beneficial to overcome behavioural and psychological conditions such as fears, anxiety, phobias and negative thoughts.

Each session begins with a discussion about the client’s concerns and creates a mutually acceptable treatment plan based on the customer’s needs. Made then talks the client through what constitutes being in a trance state by giving a detailed account of what will transpire. Then, an aura cleansing session with a Tibetan bowl and seven chakra stones is conducted to balance positive energy and put the client’s body into a state of relaxation.

Once the client relaxes, hypnosis will open the door to the client’s repressed memories and emotions, allowing Made to focus on uncovering connections to the past traumas affecting current functioning. A powerful and effective therapeutic technique, hypnotherapy provides healing through getting to the root of the problem and paving the way to new behaviours.

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