SATOO at Shangri-La Hotel


The ambience at SATOO is elegantly contemporary, yet at the same time intimate, warm and friendly. Combined with a strong visual appeal – including glass, mirrors, and polished stone as well as wood and Asian artifacts – the sound, sizzle and aromas permeate from open kitchens that provide a stimulating sensory dining experience. Specializing in gastronomic delights from Asia and beyond, SATOO’s major influences include Indonesia, Malaysia, India and China – offering diners a wonderfully unique Asian perspective.

Chef extraordinaire, Scott Brands, has dedicated most of his life to his passion for everything culinary. With more than 22 years experience, Chef Scott was born and raised in Scotland and has gained invaluable international experience while working in Middle Eastern countries including the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Bahrain, Jordan and Oman. Chef Scott enjoys serving Indonesian and international cuisine in SATOO’s interactive open-kitchen atmosphere.

SATOO’s signature dishes include Lamien Noodle – homemade, hand-pulled lamien noodles served with chicken stock and braised beef brisket -, Oxtail Soup – Indonesian-style, tender simmered beef with nutmeg and clove spices -, and Home-Smoked Salmon – delicate salmon that personifies the earthy goodness of the sea. SATOO’s daily 8-station buffet provides the perfect meal for lunch and dinner. Enjoy a healthy Tomato and Mozzarella Salad, Fresh Tuna Sushi, Chicken Tikka, Traditional Peking Duck, Salmon Wrapped in Beef Bacon with Mustard or succulent Prawn Ravioli.

Thoughtfully integrated within the dining area, plan to meet friends at SATOO’s cocktail bar for a pre-dinner indulgence. Offering premium beer and wine, as well as a range of liqueurs, coffee and tea for your after dining pleasure, SATOO is the place to go in Jakarta from beginning to end.