Aesthetic Cultural Space: HOSHINOYA Bali

Established in 2017, HOSHINOYA Bali incorporates rich Balinese culture with eclectic Japanese aesthetics, creating a secluded getaway in rural Ubud.

Set alongside the sacred Pakerisan River, staying at HOSHINOYA Bali gives a sense of separation from the outside world, ushering guests gently into the realm of tranquillity and ultimate seclusion.

Step through the majestic Balinese gate to take time out from bustling daily life and experience a change in the flow of time with the resort’s quaint, calm ambience.

HOSHINOYA Bali was built combining Japanese wisdom and ancient Balinese charm. The resort’s interior was meticulously crafted by aspiring Japanese designer Rie Azuma, while the outdoor layout, arranged by Hiroki Hasegawa, boasts ample public space woven into the natural landscape of Ubud’s breathtaking valley edge.

With 30 exquisite villas in an elegant village setting, the integration of both Balinese and Japanese architectural design aspect allows HOSHINOYA Bali to have its own unique, distinctive character. The three villa types are Bulan, Soka and Jalak, each with its own concept.

HOSHINOYA Bali aims to provide a timeless relaxing experience for its beloved guests. There are no TVs or clocks inside the villas so guests can experience uninterrupted harmony, surrounded by nature and loved ones.

Shoji Japanese sliding doors, Japanese Andon light sources, and the use of space are carefully integrated with the Balinese way, showcasing the best of both cultures as one.

To cater to guests during their memorable stay, HOSHINOYA Bali presents upscale delicacies made by executive chef Mitsuaki Senoo. At the hotel’s restaurant, authentic Japanese cuisine is carefully prepared using Japan’s delicate culinary techniques and the best local ingredients. Guests can also spend time at HOSHINOYA Bali’s iconic Café Gazebo as the surrounding jungle environment changes according to the time of day. For an intensely relaxing time, visit the spa nestled in a valley and surrounded by Ubud’s verdant nature.


Banjar Pengembungan, Gianyar

Bali 80552, Indonesia

T: (+62) 87875110511