Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Plan a trip to lose track of time and to find yourself in this city rich in art and culture.

The vibrant city of Amsterdam is highly popular and loved by many thanks to the eclectic elements it has to offer. From internationally renowned museums and unique festivals, to world-class live music performances, hearty restaurants and cheeky bars – there’s always something fun to do and see in Amsterdam. Amsterdam has long been an exciting hub of commerce, and by extension, is rich in history and culture.

What to Do

To enrich your cultural experience, first and foremost you don’t want to miss out on Museumplein – or museum square. Home to some of the most famous museums in the country, and even the world, the highlights at Museumplein are the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum, among others.

For another one-stop cultural hub, check out De Hallen Amsterdam, where you can find the Filmhallen arthouse cinema complex, boutique hotels, independent creative outlets and a weekly indoor craft market in one place.

Eye Filmmuseum doesn’t look like its nearby counterparts thanks to its striking futuristic geometrical design and structure, but it’s a sight to behold and worth visiting. Located on Amsterdam’s IJ harbour, the national museum for film is home to more than 40,000 films from all genres.

Amsterdam is all about the artsy scene, the indie shops, the charming traditions and the cool bars. So take your time in Amsterdam, get ready to pedal your bike and roam as you revel in the sights of canal houses and bridges, bold-coloured tulips, the photo-op windmills, the picturesque countryside and beaches.

Where to Stay

Luxury hotel Conservatorium is located in the city’s Museumplein district, making it a perfect sanctuary if you’re looking to bask in a cultural excursion. Part of The Set Hotels group, Conservatorium is located in a landmark heritage building that is enhanced by an elegant, modern design – a truly architectural masterpiece.

A historical landmark, De L’Europe hotel was first established almost 125 years ago highlighting Amsterdam’s authenticity, local culture and craftsmanship. Creative ideas and pure sophistication are juxtaposed in the hotel’s personality, plus it offers a soothing view of the canal.

A collection of six canal palaces that go all the way back to the 17th century, Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam is ensconced on the Herengracht canal. The hotel offers nothing less than excellence, with bespoke service and timeless elegance, ensuring a one-of-a-kind experience to remember. The hotel is also a short walk away from lavish shops, museums and theatres.