Anapuri Villas


Once you arrive at the picture perfect beachfront paradise that is Anapuri Villas, you won’t want to leave. Luckily for you, Anapuri’s forward thinking property owners designed Anapuri Spa; a fully appointed wellness sanctuary that offers in-house pampering holidays and indulgent wedding event packages that will leave you plenty of time to relax and rejuvenate while in paradise.

An award-winning holiday destination for discerning travellers, Anapuri has already made its mark on the uber-opulent Bali villa scene. Situated along a protected stretch of coastline that allures visitors who desire an authentic Balinese experience, the beauty of Anapuri’s black sand beach creates a captivating backdrop for each one of the estate’s four villas; each one more enticing than the next. Understated bespoke service and lushly landscaped tropical grounds make Anapuri a favoured destination for A-listers in need of indulgent down time, as well as for couples in search of an absolutely unforgettable wedding venue. Raising the luxury villa experience to new heights, Anapuri Spa is a marble and wood-trimmed haven that features a richly appointed double treatment suite, hot and cold plunge pools, a stylish salon with all the bells and whistles one would expect to find in a Seminyak boutique, and a modern gym that will keep you fit and inspired during your holiday.

Exclusively available to Anapuri’s guests, the private entrance to Anapuri Spa is surrounded by elaborate stonework, tranquil ponds, stone bas-reliefs that showcase the simple elegance of daily island life, and a gilded sign that welcomes you into an authentic oasis of Balinese hospitality. An elegant marble hallway is highlighted with graceful indirect lighting, glowing from beneath in the form of thoughtfully etched flowers. The double treatment suite is outfitted with sunny yellow linens that instantly bring a smile to your face. Adorning the wall is an ornate oversized mural inspired by the legendary Borobudur temple on Java, a scene that welcomes Zen into the warm and inviting space. A daybed beckons and frangipanis dot the tabletops.

After changing into an elegant white kimono fringed with a traditional lime green and sky blue ikat motif, your highly trained therapist lays you face down on the comfortable massage table and takes a deep breath before delivering a traditional Balinese Massage, a centuries old healing therapy created to bring your body back to balance. This is the ultimate way to begin your holiday after a long flight. Gentle stretching, long therapeutic strokes and a relaxing skin rolling technique work wonders to alleviate deep stress and tension while encouraging circulation. Anapuri’s therapists are among the best healers from the area’s surrounding villages and exude a discreet, yet powerful energy.

For larger groups and hen parties, Anapuri Spa has eight additional massage tables on hand that can be delivered to the privacy of your suite or strategically placed around the property near the pool and along the ocean to welcome Mother Nature into your wellness experience. Anapuri’s spa menu is carefully designed to include detoxifying body treatments, rejuvenating facials that utilise marine botanicals and vitamin C serum, a gentle pregnancy massage, Bali’s famous traditional hair cream bath, and the addictive acupressure reflexology for feet.

Across the hall from the spa is the expertly designed and modern salon outfitted with contemporary white leather furnishings and includes twin ‘mani–pedi’ chairs, and hair washing and hair styling stations for two. Professional stylists are on call to meet the demands of brides who dream of looking absolutely radiant on their big day. The indulgent manicure includes a refreshing mandarin and lime hand scrub, while the pedicure features an invigorating peppermint foot scrub. OPI nail polish is the preferred product of choice. And to ensure that your holiday in paradise goes above and beyond that of any experience before or after, the spa team has devised a programme of full moon, sunrise and under-the-stars treatments that truly embody the magic of Anapuri’s tropical Garden of Eden.