Ariston: Durable Heating Innovation


Ariston Thermo group, a leading in heating and water heating with 6,600 employees, 53 companies and five representative offices in 32 countries worldwide, has sold 7,4 million products in 150 countries. Through Ariston Thermo Indonesia (ATI), Ariston Thermo group is pleased to fulfil consumers’ needs for high-quality water heating products in Indonesia. Ariston Thermo Indonesia understands that nowadays people are more aware of the importance of health and comfort to live a better life. Thus, by launching the newest water heating products in Indonesia, Ariston Thermo Indonesia hopes to enhance the life quality of the citizen.

Following the huge success of previous products and inspired by the lavish lifestyle of affluent Indonesians. Ariston Thermo has launched its newest deluxe look water heating product, ANDRIS. Featuring the best technology, ANDRIS is designed luxuriously and futuristically by renowned Italian designer Umberto Palermo to win the hearts of the people in Indonesia. Inspired by the Latino’s Curve concept, ANDRIS is designed in such a beautiful way to bring warmth to your family.

ANDRIS is the first product under Ariston Thermo Indonesia that features state-of-the-art technology. ANDRIS is an excellent water heater choice in that its single-element copper layer guarantees its user’s safety with longer use. It is also a TBS thermostat with double protection – temperature control is an essential feature in water heating products. Moreover, ANDRIS is equipped with multi bolt flange which improves the durability of the product as it prevents leakage and eases maintenance. ANDRIS
also has a hot water ready indicator for the users’ comfort.

ANDRIS has two versions: ANDRIS RS and ANDRIS R. Both have two sizes, small and big – the smaller water heater can contain a maximum 15 litres of water, while the bigger one is capable of containing a maximum of 30 litres. When taking a bath, each person needs an approximate of 25-30 litres of water. A water heater, especially Ariston, can triple the capacity. For instance, ANDRIS RS 15L can produce 45-50 litres of warm water, which can be used for two persons.

The tanks of ANDRIS RS and ANDRIS R are coated with titanium enamel which helps to resist corosssion and affects the tank’s durability. Total Safety System (TSS) is incorporated in both series. They are equipped with flexomix technology, a state-of-the-art technology in the pipe for incoming water. Other features, such as protection index, energy saving and temperature control are also available in both ANDRIS RS and ANDRIS R. There are, however, several different features. ANDRIS R, for example, is equipped with a self-cleaning heating element, while ANDRIS RS
is equipped with an indicator lamp.

Whichever ANDRIS you choose, the performance and design of ANDRIS RS and ANDRIS R go beyond expectations. Ariston Thermo Indonesia aims at providing its consumers the ultimate satisfaction with high durability and safety as well as maximum comfort for users. Ariston Thermo Indonesia guarantees that you will fall in love with ANDRIS at first sight, that your mind will be blown away by ANDRIS the first time you use it because ANDRIS will bring you maximum comfort and modernize your bathroom by creating a home-spa ambience.

Ariston Thermo Indonesia