Kare Design: Feel The Miami’s Summer

Feel The Miami’s Summer

Summer is arguably the most anticipated season around the world. The dazzling mixture of pastel and neon colours will create the perfect summer feeling.

KARE, an international brand for furniture, lighting and accessories from Munich, a metropolitan city in Germany, was once a small student-shelving store. This small shop was started up by two young German students, Peter Schönhofen and Jürgen Reiter in 1981. Fast forward through 34 years of development, KARE now has more than 120 brand partners, international sales offices, in-house designers and producers spread out over 40 countries – KARE has grown into a global brand. In July 2011, KARE spread its wings in Jakarta and quickly became the No.1 place in the capital of Indonesia for its out-of-the-ordinary designs. The people in KARE possess creative minds that are full of energy, enthusiasm and brilliant ideas. These highly appreciated treasures result in 1,500 great new products every single year.

Change is the only thing that remains constant and inevitable in life. In a family, for instance, different personalities live under one roof. The teenage daughter who is on her way to self-discovery now wants to be seen as a mature grown-up. Thus, she is changing her style from pink princess into glamorous diva. The son loves to be the hero in his own motley kingdom where the citizens are purple ducks, dancing crocodiles and fancy dogs. Also, the parents have their own private paradise that is now and again shared with the little king of the neighbouring empire.

It is not easy to meet everyone’s needs and tastes. Hence, KARE owns a broad product line that is influenced by various styles and trends, ranging from minimalist to extravagant and from modern to retro, as well as from kitschy to glamorous. Welcoming the beautiful summer, KARE proudly presents its freshest trend show, the Miami Lounge. With eye-catching bright neon and pastel colours, Miami Lounge brings the Miami sun and heat to anyone anywhere, including your own walls. The tropical prints and the baby pink flamingos make us crave for relaxing, fun summer nights when we can have good times enjoying cocktails while lying in a hammock.

The exquisite combination of pastel and neon colours lets everyone have an excellent summer feeling. The nice catchy details, such as tropical prints and an extra portion of kitsch, bring us to fun, sexy Miami beach parties. The Miami Lounge is not without humour. The stool is now a juicy burger (79191), the table is balanced by four white horse legs (78809) and the baby pink flamingo theme (36647) is ubiquitous. The designers from Munich once again prove to the public that they have a great ability to express joie de vivre. The life pulse of Miami is very close to us, right behind our very own front door. KARE’s summer products will make you feel as if every day was a holiday.

Instilling the “Life against the Stream” slogan, KARE follows no hard-and-fast norms, but instead the principles of being cosmopolitan, humorous and insane. That is why people around the globe understand and highly appreciate this unconventional and extraordinary concept. KARE refuses to compromise when it comes to fabulous style and fine quality. KARE aims at offering its customers the best designs with reasonable and affordable prices to help them make their furnishing dreams come true.