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Details Have Nowhere to Hide

Joining the acclaimed 7 and 7R, the new Sony 7S camera features a newly developed, 12.2 effective megapixel 35mm full frame Exmor® CMOS sensor paired with a powerful BIONZ X image processor, allowing it to shoot at a sensitivity range of ISO 50 – 409,600 with unprecedented dynamic range and low noise.

Dubbed as the world’s first full-frame camera with full pixel read-out during movie shooting, this new model utilises the entire width of a full-frame image sensor in 4K video acquisition without cropping or line skipping as it can read and process data from every one of the sensor’s pixels. This allows 4K video shooters to utilise all of the artistic and creative benefits provided by the unique sensor to collect dramatically more light than traditional cameras and to produce beautifully detailed, low-noise images in even the darkest environments.

Directly compatible with the growing family of E-mount lenses, the  7S camera can also be used with A-mount and others lens systems with optional adapters. Sony’s complete lens system now includes 54 total lenses for both A and E mounts, including several premium offerings from Carl Zeiss® and G Series Lenses.

On-the-Go Security

Never again do you have to worry about losing fiddly keys in your purse or pocket, because the Goji Smart Lock lets you lock and unlock your home from anywhere in the world, totally remotely from your smartphone. Not only does the digital lock work for your own ease-of-access, it also takes pictures of visitors at your door and automatically sends real-time picture alerts to your mobile phone. All lock activity is then recorded and logged by the system which can be easily reviewed using the Goji mobile app. This means you can easily and securely send access to your home to anyone with a supported smartphone. If you choose, you can even specify days and times when the recipient can enter, meaning there’s no need to worry about getting keys back from guests or renters, or having to waste time waiting for your home service professionals, like your housekeepers, dog walkers and contractors. Rest assured, you can easily cancel or change access for key recipients at anytime, making you totally in control of your digital home security.

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360° Panoramic Pictures

With GoPros and Drones reshaping the world of unique photography, the Panono takes sky-high photo-taking to the next level. Shaped like a football and designed like something from out of space, one quick toss of the Panono Camera captures everything in every direction into a high resolution 360° X 360° full-spherical panoramic image.

Loaded with cameras on its rounded surface, this super-cool gadget snaps the entire world around you in a completely new way. For the first time, you can have people – including yourself – in your panoramic pictures without worrying about anybody moving in between shots like with typical panoramic images. What’s more, you no longer have to wait until you get home to stitch together a bunch of single images, because with Panono, you get to see them right away in the free Panono app by moving your mobile up, down and all around as if you were inside the image and moment all over again. And because the images are 108 megapixel, you can see everything in incredible detail, even things you didn’t see when you took the picture.

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