Parang Kencana

A household name for quality batik, Parang Kencana was started by Mariana Sutandi, whose passion for the textile burns as strongly as ever. Artistic by nature, Sutandi has always loved the intricate and wondrous batik. A profound desire to share the rich heritage of batik and educate people led Sutandi to start Parang Kencana in 1992. Even though the batik-making process is tedious – from designing individual motifs to imprinting the right colour from natural dye, Sutandi relishes the challenge. Sutandi’s dedication can be seen in her continued involvement in Parang Kencana, approving every design and fitting as many pieces as possible, more than two decades into the brand’s inception.

Parang Kencana’s latest collection is inspired by Rasasvada, an Indian philosophy. The collection portrays the modern independent woman, who respects the rich cultural heritage of batik and exudes an adventurous globe-trotting spirit. A colourful and innovative collection utilising different textiles is showcased, ranging from ready-to-wear to cocktail dresses.