Basque: Bar de Tapas

Located on the eighth floor of Noble House, Mega Kuningan, a very high-profile commercial area, Basque: Bar de Tapas offers a genuine Spanish influence infused with just right amount of modern touch. A perfect backdrop for diners and social drinkers alike, the restaurant promises a unique experience unlike any that seen before to the discerning in crowd of Jakarta, locals and expatriates alike. Drawing inspiration from its namesake, Basque: Bar de Tapas offers an eclectic fusion of classic Spanish, modern-international and familiar Asian cuisine, along with several original signature dishes. Don’t miss some of the restaurant’s favourites, such as spiced steak with cherry tomato salsa, seafood paella with king prawns, mussels, baby squid and smoked salmon, or cocida lamb shank in tomato stew served with sautéed vegetables.

When the time comes, head over to the long bar boasting a total length of 12 metres where patrons can enjoy drinks, meet new people, accompanied by a fresh supply of tapas and pintxos (available between 5PM and 8PM) conveniently within reach. With a long list of refreshing alcoholic beverages to choose from, including coffee, tea, mocktails, original cocktails, imported beers, gin-and-tonic mixes, aperitifs, vodka, brandy, tequila, whiskies, rum, Japanese whisky, absinthe, grappa and liqueur, surely there’s something for everyone.