Bear Hounds Airsoft & Cafe

If you like a little bit of a challenge, then Bear Hounds Airsoft & Cafe is a must try. Located at Pluit Village Mall, this is a one stop recreational centre that combines food and airsoft gun games. Designed as a gathering place for families with children who like to play with airsoft guns and NERF, Bear Hounds Airsoft & Cafe is completely safe, guided and offers experienced instructors. The airsoft gun game itself is a group competition using replica weapons that fire plastic or rubber bullets.

Afterwards, curb your adrenaline with a variety of dishes in the cafe. Dominated by comfort food, young visitors will feel at home spending time after playing. Also enjoy the variety of refreshing fresh drinks, such as the signature bear punch and bear shake, to quench your thirst after your adventures. Bear Hounds Airsoft & Cafe can also be privately reserved for events like a birthday party or even a company gathering.

Bear Hounds Airsoft & Cafe

Pluit Village Mall

Jakarta 14450, Indonesia

T: (+62) 2166670078

Asia Dreams August – October 2019